In the first week of April a Dutch unknown men call me for a temporary room or condo.
He say you know my brother. He say so.
I invite him to my office and he come with 2 big suitcases from a hotel of the other side of Bangkok.
I give him coffee, ‘we speak in Dutch’ and advise him to go to Phra Khanong / Bangkok to a condominium with a lot of privacy. He don’t know nothing about Bangkok, and I offer to go with him.
He was very satisfy, with the big beautiful room what was also cheap.
One week later he visit me again, and we drink coffee, and talk about the past in Holland.
Than a week later I become a message early in the morning on my mobile, he was in the hospital with heart problems. I drink my morning-coffee / take a shower and go to that hospital.
He was / look total crazy, and not happy with the treatment in the hospital, he want to walk, but can not.
I stay a while, and go eating with his brother outside the hospital. When we come back the doctors coming, and want talk about the next days. The brother ask me, you speak Thai, and you can speak with the doctor. I agree, and when the big doctor come he not want I speak with this doctor and send me away like a dog.
And the service from the beginning I did this all for free.



Russian Roulette

We call them friends on Facebook, but the are not, I call them only ‘members’
I have a few years a Dutch guy named Ferry Flow (fake name) on my Facebook- friend list.
We have some things in common, like traveling, no more.
I say the only what we has in common is that we born in the same country.
He is/was a teacher in the Netherlands and moved this year to China, also go teaching.
He is new in Asia, and show daily oversized beer glasses on his Facebook-profile.
That is his business, I not care he want play Russian roulette with his life.
But I live many years in tropical hot Asia and lost over the years a lot of (also good) friends on alcohol problems.
One day I not want see more these daily beer-glasses and unfriend him on Facebook.
It remember me every time on lost good friends.
Some friends go back to their home-country (broke) and other died and go to the crematory.
There is no problem with unfriend, he can anyway follow me.
Than he start to message, what happened, and I show him some pictures from lost good young friends.
I write to him as greenhorn he must be careful – Teachers together / Hot Weather / Beer = Russian Roulette.
But he must live his own life.
He not happy whit that unfriend.
And the next day I see he BLOCKED me on Facebook.
Than you can recognize he is already a alcoholic.

De Staat is je Dienaar


We zijn in roerige tijden aangeland. Nog nooit is Nederland, Europa en de westerse wereld zo verdeeld geweest. Op het internet is er een informatie strijd gaande die tot een enorme hoeveelheid groepjes op Facebook, blogs en nieuws websites heeft geleid. Fake News wordt aangevallen nadat in de Verenigde Staten deze term werd gebruikt tegen sites als die van Alex Jones en Breitbart. Het heeft als een natte dweil terug geslagen in het gezicht van de Mainstream Media. De nieuwe president Trump heeft de gevestigde media te kijk gezet door CNN en nog enkele media als fake news organisaties weg te zetten. De oorlog om de feiten is in volle gang. Het lijkt alsof er steeds meer nieuwssites ontstaan die juist nog meer fake news verspreiden om de verwarring nog groter te maken.


Paris – Phuket – Bangkok – Magazine



In a short time, our magazine has known quite a few improvements: a more luxurious formula earmarked to seduce a wider audience, a new name to rubber stamp its national-scale calling (le Paris Bangkok outside Phuket), and content now fully translated into English in order to reach the whole expatriates community as well as Thai readers.

This cycle of evolution is coming to an end with a last innovation: as of September, the magazine comprises 100 pages (16 more pages) and becomes bimonthly (every two months). In order to guarantee an ever-growing exposure to our advertisers, its circulation is doubled to ensure its presence all the way through the two months that each issue will henceforth cover. Distribution will be widened and a restocking will occur for every distribution spots after one month.

The additional pages at the end of the magazine will be devoted to highlight businesses through a “Hot Spot” formula, offering our readers a choice of places to go and services to use.

You happy with your Facebook

Facebook in Mecca

There on the moment to much filters on Facebook.
You easily get blocked for a wrong word or picture.
There is not any good feedback system.

Facebook is on the stock-market.
How the make money?

The move you to their own money direction.
You have only a Facebook profile ?
You been seen by your friends by only 7%
You have 1000 friends, it means 70 see your post
You have 2000 friends, it means 140 see your post

You post in a group.
There to much crap / double postings and blablabla shit
Many has a very bad admin, the control their groups.

When you want make a business you need a Fan / Business Page.
The verification of these Pages is a farce.
You can do that with any fake mobile number.
(It means worthless)

The Facebook Pages has a value. but only when the 100% complete and optimized.
90% of all Business Pages are not complete or optimized.
We are experts in this and do this daily.

These Pages are the money makers for Facebook.
You can promote your Page or Post with several options.
Is easy to pay with #Paypal.
But you become to much push and to pay pop-ups.

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Good Luck

Promote Your Business Facebook Page

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What is your Facebook Page ?
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Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -


Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -

Big Ears - Copy


Daily you come in contact with people the not can or want to listen.

In our consultancy business is that very frustrated.
We do our job very properly.
But the last 2 months we meet only people the not want to listen.
Contracts break of.
Good friend relationships break down.

This all about “Listening”

Maybe it is about Facebook.
The most you meet via Facebook on the moment.
But the most are greenhorns or fake.