In the first week of April a Dutch unknown men call me for a temporary room or condo.
He say you know my brother. He say so.
I invite him to my office and he come with 2 big suitcases from a hotel of the other side of Bangkok.
I give him coffee, ‘we speak in Dutch’ and advise him to go to Phra Khanong / Bangkok to a condominium with a lot of privacy. He don’t know nothing about Bangkok, and I offer to go with him.
He was very satisfy, with the big beautiful room what was also cheap.
One week later he visit me again, and we drink coffee, and talk about the past in Holland.
Than a week later I become a message early in the morning on my mobile, he was in the hospital with heart problems. I drink my morning-coffee / take a shower and go to that hospital.
He was / look total crazy, and not happy with the treatment in the hospital, he want to walk, but can not.
I stay a while, and go eating with his brother outside the hospital. When we come back the doctors coming, and want talk about the next days. The brother ask me, you speak Thai, and you can speak with the doctor. I agree, and when the big doctor come he not want I speak with this doctor and send me away like a dog.
And the service from the beginning I did this all for free.



Russian Roulette

We call them friends on Facebook, but the are not, I call them only ‘members’
I have a few years a Dutch guy named Ferry Flow (fake name) on my Facebook- friend list.
We have some things in common, like traveling, no more.
I say the only what we has in common is that we born in the same country.
He is/was a teacher in the Netherlands and moved this year to China, also go teaching.
He is new in Asia, and show daily oversized beer glasses on his Facebook-profile.
That is his business, I not care he want play Russian roulette with his life.
But I live many years in tropical hot Asia and lost over the years a lot of (also good) friends on alcohol problems.
One day I not want see more these daily beer-glasses and unfriend him on Facebook.
It remember me every time on lost good friends.
Some friends go back to their home-country (broke) and other died and go to the crematory.
There is no problem with unfriend, he can anyway follow me.
Than he start to message, what happened, and I show him some pictures from lost good young friends.
I write to him as greenhorn he must be careful – Teachers together / Hot Weather / Beer = Russian Roulette.
But he must live his own life.
He not happy whit that unfriend.
And the next day I see he BLOCKED me on Facebook.
Than you can recognize he is already a alcoholic.


The value of your Rental Deposit

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Rental Agreement

What is your value of your rental deposit in Thailand.
The most of the time total worthless !
When you want check-out / move, the not want give your money back.
The landlords have always something to blame.

The most of the time there is not a 100% waterproof contract.
The know that already for the start to rent or lease a room or property.

When the must pay 2 months deposit back, the try to shitting you.
The move the pay-out forwards, or not want pay-out the deposit at all.


All these nice contracts the can buy in a bookstore.
The have not any value.


Try to make a deal with a one month deposit, it means by problems you not lose all your money.
Some landlords living also on a basic income, and not have the money to pay your deposit back.

“Amazing Thailand” where you become quickly a victim.

PS. When the landlords something have to rent or lease the speak perfect English.
But when you want move out, from that moment the speak only Thai language.
But that is their style.

Expats in Thailand

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 Expats in Thailand

Bangkok 2-10

Wat kom je tegen als je in Thailand woond of op vakantie komt ?
Wees vooral voorzichtig met wie je in contact komt, vooral via #Facebook.
Veel expats in Thailand zijn verslaafd aan Alcohol of/en Drugs.
Je komt ze in heel Thailand tegen.
Ook een groep criminelen verbergen zich te gemakkelijk in Thailand, bijvoorbeeld in drukke gebieden of steden zoals Phuket, Pattaya en Bangkok.
Deze proberen U op slinkse wijze te gebruiken.
U word van alles voorgespiegeld terwijl U in een fuik van verderf valt.
Ze zijn alleen op UW geld en goedheid uit.
Probeer eerst als U zaken wilt doen iemand grondig na te pluizen, alvorens U alles kwijtraakt.
Ga niet af op het uiterlijk en de mooie gladde woorden.
Zo zijn er fake Hosting bedrijven en Webdesigners die U alleen maar gebruiken.
Dit zijn geen bangmakerijen maar feiten.

Zelf woon ik al 20 jaar in Azie (Thailand & Cambodia) en heb er tal zien komen en weer bankroet zien vertrekken.
Sommigen komen hier wonen met hun spaarcentjes en gaan gemakkelijk met anderen mee om een pilsje te drinken.
Eenmaal in die cirkel is het moeilijk om er uit te komen. Omdat alles te goedkoop en gezellig lijkt.

Ook de Thaise meisjes weten op slinkse wijze zich aan je te binden.
Ze komen met de mooiste verhalen en problemen.
Ik heb in de jaren er tal berooid zien terugkeren naar Holland.

Omdat ze in meerendeel weer alcohol verslaafd zijn, wordt jij er weer op aangewezen omdat je ze niet gewaarschuwd schijnt te hebben. Het tegendeel is waar. Ze zijn niet te waarschuwen.

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Heavy new penalties await visa overstays in Thailand from Aug 29th

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BANGKOK: — AUTHORITIES will bar visitors who overstay their visas from returning to Thailand for between one year and a whole decade. The longer the overstay period, the longer will be the re-entry ban.

Starting from August 29, the ban will be imposed on any foreigner found to have overstayed his or her visa or visa-exemption period.

The Immigration Bureau decided to mete out such tough punishment after the current penalty, a maximum fine of Bt20,000, had apparently failed to serve as a sufficient deterrent.

Last year, a total of 70,715 foreigners were charged with overstaying their visas. Between January and June this year, the number of visa overstayers reached 30,359.

“We have asked the Interior Ministry to approve harsher punishment,” Immigration Division spokesman Colonel Worawat Amornwiwat said.

He said foreigners who turn themselves in would be barred from re-entering Thailand for one year if their overstay time exceeds 90…

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No need to worry says Bangkok Immigration Commander

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visa He   confirmed that foreign tourists and expats do not need to carry their passports with them at all times.


He said that tourists can of course leave their passports locked in their hotel safe and enjoy their holiday in Thailand without worrying about the need to carry their original passport.


Deputy Commander Voravat also said that for expats living here, a Thai driving license or photocopy of your passport can be used as a form of identification.


However, if Immigration Police suspect an individual to be overstaying in Thailand or being involved in illegal activity, then the individual would be required to produce their original passport promptly.


Deputy Commander Voravat referred to Section 58, which reads as follows:


Any alien who has no lawful document for entering the Kingdom under section 12(1);….under this Act; and has no identification in accordance with the Law on…

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