What is wrong with all the Sub-Googles


What is wrong with all these Sub-Googles ?
Like Google Adsense, Google my Business, Google Maps, Google Local Guides, ….

Do the work with amateurs, volunteers or assholes ?
Or the not have any interest in their work ?

1/ Let we start with Google my Business. @googlemybiz
We stay in a 5 floor building with several companies.
With many difficulties we get 3 verified.
All 4 get their own business Page, but without a good domain-name ?
The 4th a trading company was verified, but canceled without any reason.
We complain on twitter and the responded to fix this, but without results.
The not answer more or fall in sleep.
Terrible !!!


2/ Than Google Maps @googlemaps
The hanging on Google my business, but not real accept what you add.
Every-time the change the location by their own.
You must every-time check again because the move the marker (arrow) by their own.
This is real shit.
Customers can not find you after the change it wrong.

3/ Than Google Local Guides @localguides
I was in, but the block me.
A group of members ask to set-up local guide meetings (in Bangkok)
I answer: that’s easy that can in my restaurant.
The moderator say that’s adverting, but we must make meetings on the street like tramps ?
One time someone ask me about the bombing that time in Bangkok, and I write it is safe to travel. And same minute the block me.
The worsted is I lose my google map points.

4/ Google Adsense @AdSense
I change my address a year a go in their system.
I must do that to become my pin number to verified and pay out.
The send over and over the pin to the old address.
Now the so far the stop add on my websites.
Do the sleep or the so lazy or stupid ?

I come back on Google Maps
There is also a Google MyMaps but not one of my verified business stay on this MyMaps
Only some fake maps there the not belong in this map.


You see today (22-12) again the marker/arrow NOT stay on the address.
The marker stay more than 100 meter of the address in the middle of a park.
In another Soi/street.

The need real professional programmers


Brexit: Saying goodbye to Europe

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What Top Asian media think of Brexit…

Source: The Nation

I believe in God. but…..

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I believe in God. but…..

Yesterday I saw a remarkable statement from a woman on social media.
She say: She believe in God, but not in any church or religion.
She make there a point to think about !

I think also the same. God and a church or religion are not related.
People has do that.

When you look at al the believers and religions that is a big mess.
The made from there religions big business

Look at the Catholic church with their Vatican, it is one big mafia organization.
With a fake nazi Pope (and a hidden black pope)
Over centuries the murder people. (Holy wars)

Islam is also fake, the rape, use children and are war criminals.

Buddhism, I have learned and see, it is also a money religion.
Monk owns helicopters and expensive cars, all from poor people there money.
Temples full of gold, where come the money from, from poor people.
And the most worse is the keep the people stupid.

The statement yesterday give a lot to think about.

GOD IS LOVE: you see that today on the world ?
All get used by wrong (elite) people.

I will pray to God, but not to any fake church or religion.



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Big Ears - Copy


Daily you come in contact with people the not can or want to listen.

In our consultancy business is that very frustrated.
We do our job very properly.
But the last 2 months we meet only people the not want to listen.
Contracts break of.
Good friend relationships break down.

This all about “Listening”

Maybe it is about Facebook.
The most you meet via Facebook on the moment.
But the most are greenhorns or fake.


Just evaluate the last 2 months.

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Social media

Just evaluate the last 2 months.

We move in the meantime from Sathorn to Udomsuk / Bangkok

In the time we search for a new location, we find a very nice shop-house, (Sukhumvit 101) but there where to much brokers involved, the put the price sky high.
After when we find a nice location in Udomsuk, and start slowly to change our Restaurant & Office.
The Dutch owner of the nice shop-house on Sukhumvit 101, delete me after his friendship on Facebook. (what a shame)

The second story.
We has a meeting with a wine-store in Bangkok.
We suggest to level-up his business to become more customers.
But there where (i think) not much hearing.
I suggest to use some hashtags, and put wine-bottles on Pinterest
But nothing go happened, and lose my valuable time.
(lose also the contact)

The second:
We create a business packet for a Russian Real Estate Project.
Been 2 time therefore travel to South Pattaya.
On the second time came a unknown partner sit on the table.
He had between the first and second meeting mess-up my created network.
Nothing works more properly. I fix this online on our meeting.
And waiting to continue our monthly upgrade deal.
Also the contact broke, what a shame.
Why the can not say polite to me, their business not go so very well.

All what you meet on Facebook = for me FaKebook.

That is the negativity of social media.

Now I go first celebrate #Songkran (water-festival) and Thai New Year.

DisneyLand is coming to Laos

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Disneyland Laos 3

Laos-ASEAN International Trade Company has injected over US$500 million in building the biggest tourist complex of ASEAN in Nongpene area, Hadxayfong District, Vientiane Capital, according to Lao News Agency.

Disneyland Laos 2

Watch out Thailand, your about to miss out on some big tourism business…..

“The construction aims to ensure the integration into ASEAN Economic Community by 2015, and it is expected to draw a large sum of revenues to the country in the future,” General Director of Laos-ASEAN International Trade Company Thanakit Souvannavong said at a religious ceremony before starting the construction on Thursday.

Disneyland Laos

“Nongpene construction project to be implemented on 150 ha will be developed as the biggest tourist site of ASEAN in Laos.

The project will build a five-star hotel, a golf court, a man-made lake, an international shopping centre, a Disneyland Park, ASEAN style houses, an entertainment place and a tourist complex, which is expected to complete in 2020.

The project will commence constructing next month, which will build a Disneyland park, man-made lake, an ASEAN development centre, an international shopping centre and a 73-ha golf court.”

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Thailand-Cambodia rail link completed by December

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TC Rail Link

After a slew of delays, it has been announced that the long awaited rail link between Cambodia and Thailand should be in business by the end of this year.

The Phnom Penh Post reports that the development comes about due to the imminent realisation of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) and the need for Asean member states to be better connected.

Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen visited Thailand in December 2015 – his first visit in a decade, according to The Diplomat – and both countries signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the completion of the rail line between the two capital cities.

The State Railway of Thailand will begin work on rehabilitating the six kilometres of track between Aranyaprathet station in Sa Kaeo to the border at Ban Khlong Luek, near Poipet, according to the Bangkok Post.

In the meantime, Cambodian railway officials will be connecting the missing tracks on their side, from Sisophon to Poipet, to reach the Thai border. Completion for this exercise is slated for mid-2016.

TC Rail Link 2 A nine-decade-old Thai-Cambodian railway bridge linking Aranyaprathet and Poipet was dismantled earlier this year to make way for a new link set for completion by the end of 2016. (Bangkok Post file photo)

“After the connection is ready, we will discuss the procedures to have a train run across countries, but currently it is important to connect the tracks first,” explained Ly Borin, a spokesman for the Cambodian Ministry of Transportation

As well as the necessary resettlement of Cambodians living in the space designated for the railway, the local immigration office and three casinos will need to be relocated in order to make way for the tracks.

Although rail travel is an integral part of Thailand’s infrastructure, it will be a relatively new concept for the Cambodian masses and there will be measures taken to emphasise the benefits of trains – namely the fact that they’re lower cost, safer and able to move goods better than other transport – to the population.

TC Rail Link 3

There had long been a rail connection between the border towns of Aranyaprathet (Thailand) and Sisophon (Cambodia), but the internalist policies of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia in the 1970s inevitably saw to the end of this.

A project to link the two capitals by rail was funded by the Asian Development Bank all the way back in 2010.

However, various delays – including the fact that the proposed plans did not meet the necessary safeguards as regards resettling affected Cambodian citizens – had ensured the project was kicked into the long grass. Until now.

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