The difference between Thai and Chinese people


The difference between Thai and Chinese people.

The main difference is that Thai people spend their money, and Chinese people save their money and invest in the future. (buy properties and rent out)

Personally i think it is a part of the Buddhism with the Thai people, the keep the people stupid. (sorry to say that)

1/ Chinese People:
You see the work hard, always friendly, and save their money the make.
Buy properties which the rent out or later sale for higher prizes.

2/ Thai People:
Live by the day, and like to loan / borrow money for expensive things like, iPhones, Cars, Motorbikes, …….
When the not can loan from the banks, the loan on the streets from the loan-sharks.

Be continued: (I want give you some examples)


I believe in God. but…..

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I believe in God. but…..

Yesterday I saw a remarkable statement from a woman on social media.
She say: She believe in God, but not in any church or religion.
She make there a point to think about !

I think also the same. God and a church or religion are not related.
People has do that.

When you look at al the believers and religions that is a big mess.
The made from there religions big business

Look at the Catholic church with their Vatican, it is one big mafia organization.
With a fake nazi Pope (and a hidden black pope)
Over centuries the murder people. (Holy wars)

Islam is also fake, the rape, use children and are war criminals.

Buddhism, I have learned and see, it is also a money religion.
Monk owns helicopters and expensive cars, all from poor people there money.
Temples full of gold, where come the money from, from poor people.
And the most worse is the keep the people stupid.

The statement yesterday give a lot to think about.

GOD IS LOVE: you see that today on the world ?
All get used by wrong (elite) people.

I will pray to God, but not to any fake church or religion.


Thailand, Grand cremation ceremony for Supreme Patriarch today

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THE GRAND cremation ceremony for His Holiness the late Supreme Patriarch will be held today.

Grand Ceramonie 1

People can pay their last respects to the late monk by laying wood-shaving flowers, dokmai chan, as a last tribute to him at various temples across the country.HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn will lay dokmai chan at Wat Thepsirintharawas at 4.30 pm today.

In Bangkok, dokmai chan laying will be held after 4.30 pm at various temples except Wat Bovoranives where the wooden flowers can be laid between 12.30pm and 3.30pm as well as between 6pm and 7pm only.

During his lifetime, His Holiness had stayed at the Wat Bovoranives.

Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara Somdet Phra Sangharaja passed away in October, 2013, at the age of 100. He was the longest-living supreme patriarch of Thailand.

Grand Ceramonie 2

His passing brings great sadness to his devout followers as well as many other Buddhists.

People will wear black again today in mourning and out of respect to the late Supreme Patriarch.

Grand Ceramonie 3

Between 6am and noon, 24 roads in Bangkok were closed to facilitate the elaborate 1,383-strong 456-metre-long funeral procession, beautifully decorated according to Thai tradition, to bring the late highly revered monk’s body to the Royal Crematorium at Wat Thepsirin-tharawas.

Grand Ceramonie 4

Thousands of people are expected to join the procession that will move from Bovoranives along Wat Phra Sumen Road, Phanfa Lilat Bridge, Lan Luang Road, and Krung Kasem Canal towards Wat Thepsirintharawas where the grand cremation will take place at 5.30pm.

Grand Ceramonie 5

Yesterday, the Crown Prince, together with HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana, attended a merit-making ritual in dedication to the late Supreme Patriarch at Wat Bovoranives.

Source: The Nation

Erawan bomb suspect arrested

Erawan bomber 1
Turkish suspect arrested in Bangkok with bomb making equipment.

Police arrested an Arab-looking man at a rented room in Bangkok’s Nong Chok district Saturday afternoon and found a lot of bomb making tools and materials.

The arrest took place at Poon-anand apartment in Nongchok district in eastern Bangkok. A large quantity of explosive-making materials were found at the apartment.

Initially, police said the suspect was a Turksih but Police spokesman Pol Lt Gen Prawut Thawornsiri late said the suspect carried a fake Turkish passport.

As a result, police could not yet confirm his nationality yet.

Prawut said the suspect was not the bomber but might belong to the movement as police found bomb making materials in his room, including 0.5-mm ball bearings used in the bombs that exploded at the Erawan Shrine and the Sathorn pier.

The arrest was made after about 100 police and troops surrouned the apartment at at 1:30 pm.

Among things found were 0.5 cm diametre ball bearing similar to those found at the bomb sites at Ratchaprasong Intersection and Sathorn pier. The Ratchaprason attack happened on August 17.

Police and troops surrounded the apartment building on Soi Chuamsamphan 11 for about two hours before making the raid.

Several senior police officers joined the raid, including Metropolitan Police Commissioner Pol Lt Gen Sriwarah Rangsitpramkul and Crime Suppression Division Commander Maj Gen Akkaradej Pimolsri.

The suspect was renting rooms No 412 and 414 on the fourth floor of the apartment, a police source said.

The explosion at the Erawan Shrine on August 17 killed 20 victims, mostly foreign tourists. I also injured more than 100 others.

A man in yellow shirt was seen leaving a backpack under bench in the shrine compound shortly before the bomb went off.

Feeds from security cameras led to facial sketch of a foreigner who appeared like an Arab. A police source said the arrested Turkish looks resemble to the facial sketch of the bomber.

Sriwarah said the suspect rented about three to four rooms and police were checking the rooms.

Sriwarah confirmed that police found some materials in the suspect’s rooms that were similar to those used in the two bombs.

Sriwarah added that the suspect had started renting his room in July.


Erawan bomber 2

Erawan bomber 3

Police has scheduled a press conference for 6pm.

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