I’am a Dutch men and living for many years in Asia.
In Bangkok / Thailand & Phnom Penh / Cambodia.
After major problems in 2012 over 10 months in Phuket, I restartrd all kind of new activities.
I thanks all the “Real Friends” the make this possible.
My motto is always: “At Your Service”

But now in 2014 I get Retired and only advise.
It is difficult to stop, but like give you advice and give over my knowledge.

Now I’m very busy to change all the social media, where I’m in.
And unscripted all the newsletters the I receive over many years. 

Ps. 2016
It is not always appreciate when you help people for free
Now I have again a major problem with a idiot from a starting politic splinter party.
After I found out he is a fake / fraud, and starting many treating’s.
Good friends say to me, this politic party go doomed for starting.
That gives me the most good feeling (Have used my valuable time)
Better stay out of politics !

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