Angela Merkel: “Der Islam ist nicht die Quelle des Terrorismus, sondern die Christen, die Muslime mit Islamophobie wütend machen.”


Angela Merkels Rede, die das deutsche Volk erschüttert hat – sie sagt im Video unten: “Europa muss mehr muslimische Flüchtlinge nehmen, ISLAM ist eine friedliche Religion”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the European Union has an obligation to accept refugees.
Addressing the Munich Security Conference, Merkel one more time expressed support for asylum seekers and called on EU states to help the refugees coming to Europe. The German chancellor who is critical of a US travel ban on Muslims and immigrants noted that Islam is NOT the source of terrorism but rather the problem lies within a false understanding of it. Merkel pointed out that the bloc is in a difficult condition due to Brexit. She urged European countries to stay unified and warned not to go it alone. Merkel added that the EU should also do more to preserve and strengthen its defense.

Quelle: Jews News

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