Facebook removes video by Jewish leader which links jihad terror to Islam

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has removed a video posted by a prominent Jewish community member after he said there is a clear connection between terrorism and Islam. Further proof that just because you went to an Ivy League school doesn’t mean you can’t be an idiot (Mark Zuckerberg went to Harvard).

Sharia enforcement at Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg may be Jewish, but he is a leftwing, clueless Jew who harms our people.

Mr Yemini (pictured) also revealed in the video a number of his separate accounts have also been shutdown by FacebookFacebook has enormous power, and it is a critical platform for friends, followers and information seekers to share and exchange ideas. Facebook has blocked my content to my one and half million followers. Why? My readers and followers liked my page in order to get my news on their feeds. By what right should Facebook control what they can and cannot see? Facebook has too much power. They remove patriots, Zionists, counter-jihad activists every day. I have received thousands of…

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