Oeps: Tracing EU-Bulgarian Arms Shipments to Syrian IS &Al Queda Baardman-Terroristen.

Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir

(Original by Diana Mikhailova, translation by J.Hawk.)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Uit The” Shadow World”(Video) waar de Twee Kamer en zijn MSM(=Media-Maffia en Staat-NOS en Staats-Bral-Omroepen) nooit een vraag over durft te stellen.This article is a continuation of an earlier one by the same author.It’s April 6, 2017. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Denmark-flagged Marianne Danica cargo ship has arrived in the biggest seaport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The ship had left Burgas ten days earlier (March 28) loaded with tons of weapons, a fact confirmed by Marinetraffic.com satellite tracking data. The ship was declared as carrying a Hazard A (Major) dangerous cargo, which in accordance with the International Cargo Classification system denotes weapons and explosives. The dangerous cargo is unloaded within 8 hours of the ship arriving in Jeddah, and the ship sets return course to Burgas. The Bulgarian weapons shipments are not meant for Saudi Arabia which could not…

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