After Using Chemical Weapons at Standing Rock for the ING Crime Bank. U.S. Slams Syrian Attack.

We stand after Russia

Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir

( door ANTIMEDIA  i.s.m. onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-De Mainstream-media staat bol over Poetin zijn gif aanvallen in Syrië, maar het was weer fake NewsING-misdadgroep: STOP MET HET FINANCIEREN VAN DE DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE(teken Petitie).
De’Bloed-Winst Pijpline’ in Dakota wordt gefinancierd door de ING-misdaadgroep en daar horen wij de Tweede Kamer, Koenders en de ‘Yuppie fascist -D66’er’ Sjoerd Sjoerdsma(Video).niet over. Politicians around the world are rightly condemning the recent suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria that killed dozens of civilians, including children — even if their finger pointing at President Bashar al-Assad lacks conclusive evidence to support their confident accusations.Of course, these allegations ignore previous evidence that Syrian rebels were responsible for the attack — arguably rebels the West has made a habit of empowering over the years.Regardless of who was responsible for the gruesome attack, however, the politicians condemning the carnage most vehemently have little ground…

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