Thailand – Memories of the late monarch


An auto shop in downtown Bangkok comes up with a way of preserving newspaper cuttings

GLO AUTO, which bills itself as an expert in internal maintenance and repairs to cars, planes and yachts, pays respect to the His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej by introducing a new technology that prevents newspaper pages from deteriorating and fading, thus allowing loyal subjects to keep alive their printed memories of the late monarch in the years to come.

“After the passing of King Rama IX, my family and I donated food to those paying respect to His Majesty. I read the papers so I am well aware of the articles and historic pictures published during this time. So I decided to look at how these memories could be made to last. I adapted a technique called Age Stop, which coats the paper and keeps it in good condition,” Phumipat Rongrat explains.


The preservation is done by spraying the page with a solution called Agestop Paper Shield: Hydrophobic Coating, which is non-soluble, chemical-free solution. It slows down the deterioration of paper, such as the fading of colours and letters caused by humidity and UV rays while enhancing the sharpness of images and text.

The launch, which was held at Crystal Cord Zone on M Floor of Siam Paragon, consisted of a demonstration led by Italian expert in preservation Antonio Di Maio.

Guests included Sopin Rongrat, Sikanya Sakdidech Panubhan, Akkararat Wannarat, Preawpreeya Chumsai Na Ayuthhaya, Olarn Puiphanthawong, Suwadee Peungboonphra, Suriyon Sriorathaikul, Shasha Pakpaibul, Tassanai Raiva, Dungkamol Vepulla Vagenzen, Doithibet Datchani, Natapohn Temiraks, Nicharee Chokprajakchad, Sarah Casinghini, Ornanong Panyawongse, and Saranyu Prachakrit.

“We all want to keep things we love as long as possible. I’m very glad to know that there’s a technology to preserve paper since I love King Bhumibol Adulydej and I have a collection of the king’s pictures,” Akkararat said.

“I am personally interested in leather maintenance and preservation. So I think a technology that preserves paper and could be applied to artworks, which also fade after a while, is a great idea,” Doithibet added.

Natapohn was also enthusiastic, saying: “When I buy new leather products like bags or shoes, I always coat them to keep them in good condition. This Age Stop technology is amazing, and I’m very glad since I’m also would like to keep the images of King Bhumibol Adulyadej in good condition.”

Glo Auto is offers the service for Bt89 per double page. The total income without deduction will be donated to The Chaipattana Foundation, dedicated to King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

n Glo Auto is at 59 Lang Suan Road in Pathumwan district and the service is being offered through January 31. Find out more at (061) 919 4545 and (063) 591 6366.

Source: TheNation


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