The top 10 most livable cities in the world

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The top 10 most livable cities in the world.

1/ Vienna, Austria

2/ Zurich, Switzerland

3/ Auckland, New Zealand

4/ Munich, Germany

5/ Vancouver, Canada

6/ Dusseldorf, Germany

7/ Frankfurt, Germany

8/ Geneva, Switzerland

9/ Copenhagen, Denmark

10/ Sydney, Australia

Vienna the most liveable city in the world
Vienna; the most liveable city in the world.

Amsterdam decorates for the third year in a row position 11 in the ranking of most livable cities of the world, according to the 18th Quality of Living Survey by consultancy Mercer. Vienna is just like last year the most livable city, Baghdad is the last on the list at position 230. Paris fell in 2016 instead of 27 to 37. This year Mercer examined for the first time personal safety in world: Luxembourg is the safest, state Amsterdam at position 16.

Luxembourg is the safest Luxembourg is the safest

German cities score well
Mercer charted for the full Quality of Living rankings this year also the personal safety. The score is determined based on internal stability, crime rates, local law enforcement and the relationship of the country with other countries. European cities also here perform to the list:

Luxembourg is one; Bern, Helsinki and Zurich, all in place two and three in Vienna. Geneva and Stockholm share sixth place in the rankings, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Nuremberg share place eleven. Amsterdam ranks sixteen.

Paris drops sharply on the list.

North America
The quality of life remains high in North America. Canadian cities dominate the top of the list. Vancouver (5) is the highest, followed by Toronto (15) and Ottawa (17). In the United States, San Francisco (28) to the highest rated, followed by Boston (34), Honolulu (35), Chicago (43), and New York (44).

English Bay, Vancouver
English Bay, Vancouver

South East Asia
From the famous cities in Southeast Asia, Singapore scored (26) the best, then Kuala Lumpur (86), Bangkok (129), Manila (136), and Jakarta (142).

singapore 24


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